At Florida Container Homes, LLC our in-house design and project team is highly skilled at developing our clients ideas for them from the whiteboard into a realistic and achievable designs. We believe in working closely with our clients to bring their vision to life always keeping there requirements in the foresight.


Why Container Construction?

Container Construction Facts:

Save money time & maintenance

➢ 30%-50% less expensive than a conventional construction

➢ 75% faster build time

➢ 90% less maintenance cost

  • Containers are able to carry up to 66,000 pounds making them one of the strongest materials used in construction.
  • Container construction also exceeds code requirements for windstorm resistance and seismic activity.
  • The complete sandblasting and advanced rust inhibitor added to the containers prior to construction means the buildings good last indefinitely in any weather.
  • Over 800,000 new cargo containers reach the US each year. Since the cost to ship back empty containers is greater than it is for countries to build new containers they sit empty after their first use. By repurposing these containers in construction, the foundation of the building is a sustainable resource.