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Florida Container Homes LLC(FCH) has been in business for over five years but has recently teamed up with the entrepreneurial principles and proven operators of Main Street Ventures LLC who together bring nearly 100 years of wide ranging business expertise including but not limited to areas of real estate development, operations, marketing, project management, legal and administration. Together with FCH founder Nick Bessenroth we are building a fabrication facility in Western Palm Beach County which will drastically enhance our production efficiency and provide significant economic savings that will be passed on to our clients. We are also ramping up production in a big way! We are extremely passionate about bringing affordable housing to individuals and families in our community by building environmentally friendly model homes that are stronger and of superior quality and craftsmanship to conventional construction and cost less. We also work with clients to design and construct bespoke residential and commercial structures built their unique specifications ranging from small single container dwellings to large high end luxury estates.

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