Main Street Ventures, LLC. acquires ownership in Florida Container Homes, LLC. and commences construction of Pahokee Fabrication Factory

The principals of Main Street Ventures, LLC have acquired an ownership interest in Florida Container Homes, LLC. Florida Container Homes, LLC is a recognized West Palm Beach, Florida based General Contractor focused on utilizing recycled shipping cargo containers. This is a cost effective, inherently stable and eco-friendly approach to construction, which requires a fraction of labor and materials compared to conventional building methods.

For over five years Florida Container Homes, LLC,  under the direction of Nick Bessenroth has established a track record of success in the delivery of onsite construction of container structures.  The container production facility will drastically enhance production efficiencies with significant cost reduction for container structures.  Florida Container Homes LLC is erecting a container fabrication and production  in Pahokee, Florida which is  scheduled for completion in Q2 2018.